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What's New?

March, 2010
Added wood floor medallions.

November 3, 2006
Added 6 buffet tables.

November 6, 2005
Added glass window set

October 19, 2005
Added half-round fountains.

October 8, 2005
Added 5 floor medallions!

September 10
Added stairs, plants, awnings.  And a veggie basket.

December 7
Added staircase

April 27
Added fountain, pictures.

April 21, 2003
Added 2 flower vases.

April 14, 2003
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This will not be a terribly active site, just something new added from time to time.
I try to remember to categorize everything for Downtown, Vacation, and Old Town.


Note that I have all expansion packs.  Make sure your Sims game can accept these downloads!  Don't let your game blow up!



Cloning / recoloring policy: feel free to take anything you like to play with!  Have fun!
Lot builders: feel free to include anything of mine in your downloads!

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