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Pixelated People Props- Stuff for the Sims















Hey, that blue one's not wood!


Create different house shapes with these windows!


Five ceiling lamps.  They go on and off automatically, and the bulbs never burn out.

Download all 5 ceiling lamps

Your Sims may wish to learn the piano.  Very creative!  But hard to listen until they're at least a level 5.  Give them decorating choices, and everyone wins!

Download all 4 pianos

Who doesn't love potted plants?  So here are 6!

Download 6 potted plants

Take your pick: a regular midnight blue awning with sparkling stars, or a lighted version.  The lighted version consists of 6 pieces; they will NOT go around an inside corner.

Download regular awning

Download 6 lighted awning pieces

Why be stuck with one floor when you can have two?  And here are five staircases to get you from one floor to the next.

Download 5 staircases

There are 3 fountains.  A true pedestal that looks like a pedestal.  A wall fountain.  And a pedestal that looks like a wall fountain.

Download all 3 fountains

A grab bag of deco items.  And a rug to put them on.
The red and blue flowers each have 2 versions: a Hot Date version and one based on the SimsPlus Colleen bust.

Download all 11 deco items

Four different half-circle fountains.  Water included.

Download all 4 fountains

Five large medallions that cover a total of 36 floor tiles.

Download all 5 medallions

And 6 more medallions!  Most made of wood!  Give your foyer that WOW factor.

Download all 6 medallions

Six buffet tables that match the Maxis furniture.  The food is courtesy of Uncle Roger.  Oh well!

Download all 6 buffets

A set of windows and other items to make odd shaped glass structures.  Set includes 8 windows, 3 corner pieces, a lighted planter, animated fountain, and a roof piece (found in lighting).  Aquamarine City!

Download entire set